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Brazilian Cherry mini soprano marimba for sale

The standard scales are 2 octaves, C-C-C with F#s — OR — C-C-C plus high D and E (no F#s). The most commonly used tunings are Equal Temperament — OR — Just Intonation, C=0. Other tunings (JI C+20, JI C+8) are available and can be factored in to the final tuning of your keys.


No legs
No resonators
1 pair of mallets included
Overall length 45"
2" keys made from prefinished flooring material with an industrial grade aluminum oxide finish
Traditional (laced) stringing


Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) (photo at top)
Brazilian Cherry is very dense and hard (and therefore very durable), relatively heavy, usually finished as a reddish brown, with the red tone deepening with age and exposure to light.

American Cherry mini soprano marimba for sale

American Cherry (above)
American Cherry is relatively soft and light with a light orange tone which darkens with age and exposure to light.

Side rails: cabinet-grade plywood with a cherry veneer, end caps of solid cherry

person holding marimba to show general size and weight